Firefox Developer Tools


This documentation is for developers who want to work on the developer tools. Get started here.

If you are looking for end user documentation, check out this MDN page instead.

Happy developing!

About this documentation

This guide is built with MarkDown files and GitBook.

The source code for this documentation is distributed with the source code for the tools, in the docs/ folder.

If you want to contribute to the documentation, clone the repository, make your changes locally, and then regenerate the book to see how it looks like before submitting a patch:

# Install GitBook locally
npm install -g gitbook-cli

# Go into the docs directory
cd /path/to/mozilla-central/devtools/docs/

# Generate the docs and start a local server
gitbook serve

# You can now navigate to localhost:4000 to see the output

# Or build the book only (this places the output into `docs/_book`)
gitbook build

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