Code reviews checklist

This checklist is primarily aimed at reviewers, as it lists important points to check while reviewing a patch.

It can also be useful for patch authors: if the changes comply with these guidelines, then it's more likely the review will be approved.

Bug status and patch file

Manual testing

  • Verify:
    • if it's a new feature, the patch implements it.
    • if it's a fix, the patch fixes the bug it addresses.
  • Report any problems you find in the global review comment.
  • Decide if any of those problems should block landing the change, or if they can be filed as follow-up bugs instead, to be fixed later.

Automated testing

  • Run new/modified tests, with and without e10s.
  • Watch out for tests that pass but log exceptions or end before protocol requests are handled.
  • Watch out for slow/long tests: suggest many small tests rather than single long tests.
  • Watch out for new tests written as integration tests instead of as unit tests: unit tests should be the preferred option, when possible.

Code review

  • Code changes:
    • Review only what was changed by the contributor.
    • Code formatting follows our ESLint rules and coding standards.
    • Code is properly commented, JSDoc is updated, new "public" methods all have JSDoc, see the comment guidelines.
    • If Promise code was added/modified, the right promise syntax is used and rejections are handled. See asynchronous code.
    • If a CSS file is added/modified, it follows the CSS guidelines.
    • If a React or Redux module is added/modified, it follows the React/Redux guidelines.
    • If DevTools server code that should run in a worker is added/modified then it shouldn't use Services
  • Test changes:
  • User facing changes:
    • If any user-facing interfaces are added/modified, double-check the changes with the UX mockups or specs, if available. If there's any confusion, need-info the UX designer.
    • If a user facing string has been added, it is localized and follows the localization guidelines.
    • If a user-facing string has changed meaning, the key has been updated.
    • If a new image is added, it is a SVG image or there is a reason for not using a SVG.
    • If a SVG is added/modified, it follows the SVG guidelines.
    • If a documented feature has been modified, the keyword dev-doc-needed is present on the bug.

Finalize the review

  • R+: the code should land as soon as possible.
  • R+ with comments: there are some comments, but they are minor enough, or don't require a new review once addressed, trust the author.
  • R cancel / R- / F+: there is something wrong with the code, and a new review is required.

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