Automated tests: Tips

If you run tests in debug mode, e.g. when debugging memory leaks, the test logs are often dominated by ++DOMWINDOW, ++DOCSHELL, --DOMWINDOW, --DOCSHELL lines.

These lines pollute the test logs making it difficult to find real problems. They also slow down our tests because they are not useful for debugging DevTools issues.

You can add this to your .zshrc or .bashrc to disable them:

# Disable those annoying +++DOMWINDOW and +++DOCSHELL printfs from Firefox logs
export MOZ_QUIET=1

You can also send MOZ_QUIET when you push to try… it makes the logs easier to read and makes the tests run faster because there is so much less logging.

Example try syntax containing MOZ_QUIET:

./mach try -b do -p linux,linux64,macosx64,win32,win64 \
  -u xpcshell,mochitest-bc,mochitest-e10s-bc,mochitest-dt,mochitest-chrome \
  -t damp --setenv MOZ_QUIET=1

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